A Mom Shared How Some Kids Treated Her Son With Autism On His Birthday

Carter has a special way of thinking called high-functioning autism. On his 5th birthday, his mom, Kristen, took him to a skate park in South Brunswick, New Jersey. Kristen allowed him to use his scooter in the park. After a little while, some older boys arrived. They could have been unkind to Carter or simply ignored him. But what they did was really amazing!

Facebook/Kristen Marie


The boys taught Carter how to ride a small skateboard. They showed him how to stay balanced and how to make it go. They shared their skateboard with him, supported him at every step, and didn’t tease him. They quickly helped him up when he fell. On his birthday, they all sang Happy Birthday to him.

Kristen, Carter’s mom, was very touched by how nice they were, and they didn’t even know he had autism.

Kristen said, “They wanted to help him, and their kindness and including him, even though they didn’t know what was going on with him, was really great.”

Kristen and Carter went to the park, then left, but quickly returned. They got ice cream and sandwiches for the boys. While the boys were being friendly to Carter, Kristen recorded a video. She shared some of it on Twitter, and many people liked and shared it a lot.

Facebook/Kristen Marie

The police saw the video and put it on their website to find the boys. Usually, if the police are looking for you, it’s not good. But this time, they found the boys and threw a special pizza party for them because they were kind and helped a little boy have a great birthday.

Being nice is a good thing for everyone, no matter how young or old you are.