After Witnessing A Family Withholds Food From A Bruised Youngster In Florida, A Waitress Alerts The Cops

An 11-year-old boy was rescued from an allegedly violent household by a waitress from Florida.

“Do you require assistance?”

Flavaine Carvalho observed a small child sitting at a table with two adults while working at Mrs. Potato Restaurant in Orlando, Florida on New Year’s Day 2021. ​

She observed as the customer, Timothy Wilson II, refused to let the 11-year-old child place an order. The child’s face and arms were also bruised, according to Carvalho.

She made a sign asking if the youngster needed help and stood behind the boy’s parents to avoid raising a scene.

He gave thumbs up.

Carvalho contacted the cops right away.

Wilson, the boy’s stepfather, was arrested on accusations of third-degree child abuse, according to WESH.

The child informed authorities he was hanging upside down from a door with ratchet straps around his ankles and neck. He was also beaten with a brush and bound to a moving dolly with handcuffs.

Wilson withheld meals as a kind of punishment.

Wilson was arrested again a few days after Carvalho notified police, and he was charged with many counts of aggravated child abuse and neglect. Kristen Swann, the boy’s mother, acknowledged to knowing about the abuse and was charged with two counts of child maltreatment.

Flavaine deserves praise for noticing and speaking up.

This youngster has had to go through so much, and maybe he will never have to live in terror again. The idea that this mother was not self-centered and stepped in to aid the child astounds me. More folks like this are needed.

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