A Single Father’s Card Is Repeatedly Turned Down, And The Woman In Front Of Him Refuses To Let Him Leave Without Food

That small voice echoed around the room once more. I’ll give it one more nudge. I’m a lot better this time. I responded, ‘I’ve got it,’ as heat filled my cheeks. “The good we do for others is what makes us decent people.” We must never forget that the more we care for those around us, the more compassion God shows us.

Source: Facebook – Sara Fleming, Pacis in the Gutter

Sara Fleming found herself in a situation where she could help someone who was in need, and she followed the advice of a voice in her head.

It was just before Christmas, and she knew that this was the season for miracles. As a result, she wanted to be the source of joy for one family by paying it forward.

Source: Facebook – Sara Fleming, Pacis in the Gutter

Sara feels God connected the dots and reconnected her with the family she had previously supported, this time at a location where she found inner peace.

“My dear friends, this is a true story. I’m writing to spread the word of God’s mercy and goodness. In the first place, it’s not about me. He’s accomplished amazing things!”.

While waiting in line, Sara noticed a dad attempting to pay for his goods. His card was repeatedly denied while he was heard asking the cashier to put some products to the side. His card, on the other hand, refused to pass, leaving him with no other options.

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“He was accompanied by a girl and a kid, and I overheard them calling him ‘Dad.’ The girl was in her early adolescent years, and the boy looked like my son. “I could see the guilt on their cheeks,” Sara said.

She could see his father’s sadness as he realized his family would have to go through the holidays without the essentials and food they so much needed.

Source: Facebook – Sara Fleming, Pacis in the Gutter

At the moment, Sara was aware of God’s instruction.

“All of a sudden, I felt it. It felt like a gentle jolt to the back of my skull and a sliver of an electric shock to my heart.”

“Pay for these groceries,” it said. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the money… I’ll make sure you have all you require. Have faith in me.

She, on the other hand, was at a loss for words because she didn’t want to embarrass the guy any further.

That small voice echoed around the room once more. I’ll give it one more nudge. I’m a lot better this time. I yelled, ‘I’ve got it,’ as heat filled my cheeks.

As he looked down to check who the wonderful man standing behind him was, he observed, “I don’t know how to thank you.” I’m a divorced parent who doesn’t have any children. “It’s a challenge.”

“Don’t be concerned. It’ll be all right.” I felt impelled to lend a hand. I’m confident that I’m following God’s instructions. “And I’ve been there,” Sara recalls.

She was overjoyed at the prospect of brightening the day of the father and his two small children, who couldn’t take their eyes off her.

But then, around two months later, something extraordinary happened. Sara was sitting in church when she noticed the family sitting in the pew next to hers.

Sara began to cry gently. She was overjoyed to see the father and his two children again, and she couldn’t believe they’d ended up at her church.

“I never told him I was a Christian. I didn’t tell him where I went to church. That same God who brought this man and his family to my church on that particular Sunday.”

Sara knew at that point that doing good for others was all about HIM, not the people who were kind.