The Elderly Woman’s Connection With Her 7-year-old Neighbor Exemplifies The True Meaning Of Humanity

“Age, gender, and ethnicity don’t matter; they decided to love one other despite what everyone else is doing around them.”

Being there for one another when we are most in need is what keeps humanity alive.

Darrien Middleton, a lady, tells a heartwarming story about her grandmother, whom she refers to as Nana, and a small kid from the neighborhood.

Nana has lived in the same house for more than 38 years and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Even after being diagnosed with cancer, she refused to move in with Darrien, claiming that it was the location of all her memories. On top of that, she adored her neighborhood and knew that the folks who lived nearby would come to her aid anytime she needed it.

Source: Love What Matters/ Darrien Middleton

Darrien didn’t have much time to see Nana as frequently as she desired because she was a nurse and a full-time student, but she knew her grandmother was well taken care of by her neighbors, including 7-year-old Caleb.

“The first time Nama and Caleb met was over an extra dish of food Nana had prepared and gave to him. You’d think Nana had handed him a $100 dollar. Darrien told Love What Matters, “He was very appreciative and thankful for a steak supper.”

Caleb went to see the old lady five times a day after that, making sure she had all she needed. He even assisted Darrien whenever Nana got a cancer treatment.

Source: Love What Matters/ Darrien Middleton

“He doesn’t come from a wealthy family, but you can see he was nurtured with affection. He’ll break out a dance move in an instant, rave about how much he loves school, and make you laugh till you weep. This youngster is deserving of the love he has gotten as a result of this article. He deviates from the usual and provides so much delight to everyone he comes into contact with. I am eternally grateful to him and the affection he has shown my grandma. I know it helped her during her darkest hours. He will never realize how much I respect him. “I hope he understands one day the influence he has had on her life and mine,” Darrien wrote of the special boy.

Source: Love What Matters/ Darrien Middleton

Nana and Caleb’s photo on the porch together went viral and became a symbol of friendship. Darrien concluded her post, “Age doesn’t matter, gender doesn’t matter, ethnicity doesn’t matter, they decided to love one other despite what everyone else is doing around them.”

Nana went away, but she lived her final years surrounded by affection.