A 4-year-old Calls Police To Report That He And Six Other Children Had Been Left Alone Inside A Hot Car

What a quick-thinking young man!

With the temperatures rising, we should all consider the dangers of keeping small children and pets trapped inside hot automobiles. Many people assume that leaving their children alone in the car for a short amount of time would cause no damage, but the fact is that it just takes a split second for a catastrophe to occur.

In 2019, the Charles County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a 4-year-old kid who said he and six other children were trapped inside a heated vehicle. They were all sweating and having difficulties breathing, according to the youngster. His speech trembled, and the cops could see he was scared and worried about his life.

Unfortunately, he was much too young to know where they were parked. The cops, on the other hand, were able to trace down the call and arrived just in time to the parking lot of the shopping center in Waldorf, Maryland. The boy’s mother arrived 10 minutes later, claiming that she had only been gone for 20 minutes.

She had two of the children, who were all between the ages of two and four, and she was babysitting the others. She was then charged with child confinement in a motor vehicle.

Fortunately, no one was injured. However, this incident should serve as a reminder that no child or pet should ever be left alone in a hot vehicle.

According to Injury Facts, the average number of children who die from vehicle heatstroke is 38 each year.