Let’s Cheer For These Brave Kids Who Saved The Girl From Drowning By Keeping The Boys

When the weather was nice, a group of young people from Jackson Park, Missouri, went to their neighborhood park to swim in the stream.

In Jackson City Park, where kids usually hung out, Hubble Creek was a popular place for them to play in the water. But the recent heavy rains had caused the creek to flood over the bridge, creating a dangerous torrent underneath it.

Heather Kyle/cNews

While the four boys played, a girl who was also having fun in the pool suddenly went missing.

Aiden Kyle told the other kids that the little girl had suddenly left.

He said that everyone was at the park. Even though it was raining outside and the water level was rising, they all swam, splashed, and had fun. Everyone was thinking about what had happened to the little boy or girl.

Kinsley Stuart was pulled by the water under the bridge.

Facebook/Heather A. Crass

Aiden said that he saw her hand on the bridge area and jumped in to grab it. He called his friend Isaiah Randol for help because the current was strong, and he knew he couldn’t save her by himself.

Osiah said he ran up to her and grabbed her hand while she was being pulled because he thought Aiden was coming with her. Since the current was so strong, it took the other two lads and four boys to pull her out.

Everyone got out of the water without getting hurt, and Kinsley was taken to the hospital to be checked out. After that, she was let go.

Jackson City Park

Kinsley’s parents were happy and thankful that the boys had saved their daughter.

She said they want to thank the guys from Kennys, and that’s what they want to say. They want them to know that they own Kenny’s Burger Flipping Company and that they are always welcome to eat with them for free. Since no amount of money could ever make up for what they did,

It’s scary to think about what might have happened if these guys hadn’t been there that day. Please get the word out about how brave they were.