A Girl And Her Mom Had A Special Celebration In Las Vegas Five Weeks After The Girl Finished Her Chemo Treatment

Last year, Cassidy found out she has a rare kind of cancer called Ewing’s sarcoma. She’s been fighting this sickness by having lots of chemotherapy treatments.

Cassidy’s mom, Kelly Pettit Huff, bought tickets for the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas as a special treat for Cassidy. She wasn’t sure if Cassidy’s health would let her go on the trip.

Cassidy got better, and five weeks after her last chemo treatment, she and her mom went on a trip to Vegas. They didn’t know something sad was going to happen.

Kelley got tickets for her daughter as a birthday gift. She wanted to give her something special because her daughter had a tough year of chemo. Kelley shared this in a post about the special night.

Facebook/Cassidy Huff 

“I am so thankful for every concert goer, perfect strangers, who came up to Cassidy and gave her a high-five, or a fist bump, or a hug, offered words of encouragement or shared their stories of a loved one who is fighting or fought cancer,” Kelley wrote about what happened in the evening. It was so heartwarming to feel the love from people we didn’t even know and it made me so happy.”

Kelley posted a photo of a cowboy without a shirt who wanted to dance with Cassidy: “He shuffled his feet a bit, twirled her (Cassidy) around, dipped her and set her down leaving her with a big kiss on the top of her bald head. She had the biggest smile. It brought her joy.”

Facebook/Kelley Pettit Huff

But their happy evening was suddenly disturbed by the loud noise of gunshots. Kelley quickly called her husband, who told her to run as fast as she could and not to stay in one place.

“To avoid being trampled, I practically picked Cassidy up and threw her through a pretzel stand or some sort of serving equipment and crawled through behind her and we ran as fast as we could,” Kelley wrote in her post.

While they were running, Cassidy got really tired and fell down. A police officer who wasn’t working at that time helped Cassidy, and his girlfriend took Kelley’s hand and ran with her.

Facebook/Kelley Pettit Huff

They hid behind a big truck. A retired police officer told us to keep going. His daughter, who is a serving police officer, carried Cassidy on her back and ran.

“He told his wife to take us to their car and get us home and come back for him later. What a selfless thing to do. We ran into the MGM parking garage and left before the streets were locked down. We were home by 11:15 p.m.” Kelley wrote.

Facebook/Kelley Pettit Huff

Kelley said thank you to everyone who helped on October 1st when something really bad happened and a person named Stephen Paddock hurt about 500+ people.

“I must thank each person who assisted us Sunday night and got us safely home to my husband and my other three little girls. I love you like I have known you forever and I will never forget you!!!!” she wrote.

“For whatever reason, it was not our turn to go that night… I wonder what happened to all of those amazing people who acknowledged my daughter and her fight against cancer. I do not understand why this happened nor can I even comprehend it. It angers me…I will pray continually for all those affected by this tragedy,” she said.

Facebook/Kelley Pettit Huff