Nurse Cares for Premature Baby Alone for 5 Months and Can’t Imagine Life Without Her

Life doesn’t always go according to our plans, and sometimes, we face unexpected challenges that redefine our paths. For Liz Smith, her dream of having children seemed to slip away as she dedicated herself to her role as a nursing director at a children’s hospital in Massachusetts.

As Liz entered her 40s, she found herself single and decided to explore the possibility of becoming a mother through artificial insemination. Despite multiple attempts, her quest to have a child remained elusive.

With her baby plans on hold, Liz continued to focus on her demanding job at Franciscan Children’s Hospital. Little did she know that her life was about to take a remarkable turn in 2017.

One fateful day, she encountered an eight-month-old baby girl with striking blue eyes, and an instant connection was forged. “Who’s this beautiful angel?” Liz inquired as the baby was wheeled down the hallway. “Her name is Gisele,” the nurse replied.

Gisele had been born prematurely and had spent five months in the hospital due to neonatal abstinence syndrome. Weighing just 1 pound and 14 ounces at birth, she was struggling with withdrawal symptoms from the drugs she had been exposed to in the womb.

At three months old, Gisele had been removed from her biological mother’s care, and she was in urgent need of a foster family. However, during her five months in the hospital, not a single person had come to visit her.

“I’m going to foster this baby. I’m going to be her mother,” Liz Smith decided without hesitation.

There was an inexplicable connection between them, with something in Gisele’s eyes capturing Liz’s heart and attention. “Since the moment I met her, there was something behind her striking blue eyes capturing my attention,” Liz recalled. “I felt that I needed to love this child and keep her safe.”

Without delay, Liz initiated the process to become Gisele’s foster mother. She was determined to provide the care and love that this fragile baby desperately needed.

“She was behind developmentally, and I wanted to get her out of the hospital and get her thriving,” Liz said.


After three weeks, Liz received the news that Gisele was officially her responsibility, though efforts would still be made to reunite the baby with her birth parents.

For a while, Gisele’s birth parents had supervised weekly visits. Still, as time passed, it became evident that they were incapable of caring for an infant, leading to the termination of their parental rights.

“The day I got the call that their parental rights were terminated was very sad,” Liz remembered. “My gain was another’s loss.”

Under Liz’s loving and expert care, Gisele grew stronger with each passing day. It was not until nearly 18 months later that Liz was officially able to adopt Gisele, holding the legal documents that confirmed her status as Gisele’s mother.

“When I became Gisele’s mom, it really was a feeling I can’t even describe,” Liz shared with the Boston Globe. “It was this relief and stability and just so much to look forward to without all of the questions and the unknown.”

Gisele, with her mother’s unwavering support, continues to make progress, even though she still relies on a feeding tube. Each day, she grows healthier, happier, and more radiant, thanks to the extraordinary journey of Liz Smith, the nurse who couldn’t imagine life without her.

This heartwarming story of love and resilience truly inspires.